Top mega-architectural projects in India

India is arguably the oldest continuing civilisation on Earth. Naturally, this gigantic time span has seen a variety of art & architectural masterpieces. Cultural assimilation and foreign influences have fused in India to produce a wide range of rich architectural complexes. As of 2016, India is continuing it’s rich legacy with some massive structures coming up in the near future. Here are the top 10 projects are undergoing at various stages of it’s conception. This article will focus only of seven special structures and will stay away from infrastructural projects.

1. Temple of Vedic Planetarium (Mayapur, West Bengal)


This massive structure is a Vedic Temple constructed by ISKCON in West Bengal. It’s a fusion of the traditional Bengal architecture with Rajput motifs and Greeco-Roman style of art. The central dome, when finished, will be the largest dome on earth. The temple is at a height of 113 m and is taller than Hagia Sofia, Taj Mahal and St.Paul’s cathedral. Not only that, this is larger than the St.Peter’s Basillica, Rome. The temple is mainly centred around Lord Krishna and the main attraction is a Vedic Model of the cosmos which will be depicted by the world’s largest chandelier. Clad in white marble and red sandstone with blue tiles , this will be a wonder to behold. As of December 2016, the external structure is complete and internal makeup is going on. This should be a perfect structure for architectural lovers and tourist enthusiasts. This will also be a great asset to the state of West Bengal.

2. Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir (Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh)


This is a vast cathedral of north Indian Nagara architecture and neo-Vedic revival style brought by ISKCON at Vrindavan. The epicentre of the legends of Lord Krishna will host the tallest religious structure ever. in the world. The spire is a massive 70 storey skyscraper. The temple complex is comprehensive with life stories of the Lord being depicted in a massive garden. The design is completely based on the Hindu texts with a modern spin on it. The central spire will rise up to 700 ft making it taller the Great Pyramids of Piza.  The tower will hold a 360 degree observatory at the top level giving a panoramic view of the entire city and even extending upto the Taj Mahal. The whole complex will also host hundreds of individual sculptures, a dozen fountains and pools. This will be a monument that will surely change the outlook of the whole city and will transform it to a hub for pilgrims and visitors alike. As of December, 2016 the foundation of the temple is complete and superstructure is being worked upon.

3. Krishna Lila Theme Park (Bangalore, Karnataka)


ISKCON completes a hat-trick of mega structures with this magnificent set of edifices. The architecture is Neo-dravidian style fused with modern school of art. The iconic gopurams of the Pandyan architecture will be used for the various superstructures. For people loving comic book heroes and fantasy stories, this will be a manifestation of the Hindu mythology. It will host 3 major temples and the main feature being a sky temple situated 350 feet above the ground. The structure will be clad in white marble and blue glass. As of December 2016, construction of the first temple has been completed while the work on the second temple has begun. This will be a pride for Karnataka and India as it will revive an unique style of architecture that people can revel upon.

4. Shivaji Memorial (Mumbai, Maharashtra)


The landscape of Mumbai will undergo a huge transformation with this massive 200 m statue of Shivaji, the founder of the Maratha empire. A revered figure amongst India and Maharashtra alike will be etched on metal in the Arabian Sea and will host not just the statue but also an ampitheatre, a library and a museum. This will be the tallest statue in the world doubling the size of Statue of Liberty. As of December 2016, the project has just begun and would probably take 5 years to complete. When completed, this will change the outlook of Mumbai forever.

5. Statue of Unity (Vadodara, Gujrat) 


This 182 m statue will be a behemoth built near Vadodara, Gujrat. Clad in Bronze, this will be symbol of India’s strength and unity. At the time of it’s conception, every farmer of India donated small amount of iron which is now mixed and fused to build this massive statue. As of December 2016, the pedestal is complete and the placement of the statue will take place. This will be complete within a year or two. When complete, this will be a massive piece of attraction in the state of Gujrat, India and a perfect tribute to the Iron Man of India.

6. Viraat Ramayan Mandir (Kesaria, Bihar)


This massive 200 acre red-Chunar stone temple complex will be the largest temple complex in the world ever taking over the Angor Wat Complex. This complex will be an architectural masterpiece and a super fusion of all temple architecture of the Indian civilisation, even it’s influences on the rest of South East Asia. The structure will be filled with sculptures of all styles of Hindu civilisation. The plan layout will be similar to that of the Angor Wat temple. However, the architecture will be different and so will be the layout of the temples. Sompura Salats, the renowned temple masons will erect this complex. The main temple will host Lord Rama even though surrounding temples will host various other Gods of the Hindu pantheon. The construction of this massive 500 crore structure will begin on February, 2017 and will be completed within 5 years.

7. Statue of Equality (Samshabad, Telengana)


This 216 ft of bronze Ramanuja, the Great Indian scholar of the middle ages, will be erected upon a massive temple complex. Based on the Vastu Shashtra, the complex will be largely built in the Vijayanagara school of art. The central portion will host a variety of temples of pink sandstone with intricate articulation while the walkways will be of black stone resembling the Kakatiya school of art. This structure would be not only unique of it’s time but would be a profound example of the medieval South Indian architecture in the modern times. The central statue will be clad in bronze and will have a Gold replica at the sanctum sanctorum. This will be a tribute to the great pioneer of the Bhakti movement in India and a leader in the ancient Indian school of Ayurvedic Medicine. This masterpiece will remain intact for the future generations to come. As of December 2016, the foundation for the statue is laid and the statue is undergoing final stages of completion. The subsequent phases will present the walkways, fountains and the main edifice.

These seven structures will redefine the landscape for the decades to come and possibly for the 22nd century. All of these are unique in their own ways with a few holding record breaking attributes. Most of the temples are revival of the Indian school of art. And like the iconic Lotus Temple and Akshardham, that had held prestigious recognition in the previous years, these will hold the bar for the next 50 years. There are many other structures that are significant but these seven will be the icons of India and every Indian must be be aware of these.